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Possibilities of Increasing Traffic for Website Free

Posted on Jan 25, 2016 by in Page ranking, SEO, Website |


How are companies increasing traffic for website exposure? There are a lot of hopes you hold as a business owner:

  • hopes of having the success that you and your fellow business people are always dreaming of
  • reasons that you got website, and
  • reasons why you want to have a high-ranked website.

Yet, that’s not just your concern when it comes to giving your website the traffic it needs for more sales but also when it comes to the demographics which will give more interest towards your products. Now, you will have to know the different types of free ways for you to have your website in good Google ranking.

Increasing Traffic For Website Referrals

webservicesThis one is for you to use the undeniably powerful social media that is now dominating the lives of all internet users. You must have your blog posts into it such as with site like Digg and Reddit.

Yet, for you to be able to avoid to be labeled as spammer, all you need to do is be an active member of either of these communities then maintain having good and beneficial contents and make sure that you are active in commenting with any other posts you see in there.

Another thing, you must at least set up an account for your site in all social media materials such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

As much as possible have your site as active as you can in posting sharing and commenting with the concerns of the readers. Then if you got any other related links which you  think will be able to help them, well never hesitate to do so.

Introducing, the Organic Traffic

google_adwords_logo_lightAdWords is one of the many keyword tools that you could utilize for you to have an effective way of promoting your website. Try to avoid the use of the high volume keywords that this tool finds so competitive enough for you to use at the firs place, remember, AdWords will help you in finding keywords that you may use for your site optimization.

The thing here is for you to look after the so called long tail types of keywords, those which are having lesser traffic. So if you are to use a keyword, avoid having both the usual and the general words that people may use so often and prefer those that are considered niche.

Have your links built as much as you can this is simply because the more links that you have, the better your ranking will be most especially if you use those links coming from the sites that already have the reputation when it comes to top exposure ranking.

One clue, always have the work that is original and never have it with too much keywords, this way you will be able to achieve the so called organic traffic in which, you will drag more of people’s attention without giving so much effort in it.

Have  images too that are related to your topic so that when people will ask for that image, eventually will give the link of your site.